Church Leaders

I write on things that cross my mind because, frankly, lines of communication are closed due to personal reasons. Church leaders should lead by example, not manipulating people to believe a certain way. I will not shut up or be quite on spreading the gospel because I am a woman with a past not ideal. The only person I am here to please is God, and that’s it and spread the good seeds of hope. Better come out of those prideful ways because that is one thing God hates is pride. I am humble, and I have always been as I learned from the best of being the way. God has humbled me more than once in my life, but I will always continue forward with my head held high. As church leaders should lead by example and not in court rooms with unforgiveness in their hearts because of being vengeful. Deacons should be honorable men who lead their house as they should not because they are long-time family friends. Churches should be utilized from a heartfelt biblical standpoint. All of this is in the Bible. It can’t be made up, only translated wrong. Vengeance is not something a church leader should participate in and placing leaders in undeserving positions according to their friendship status. We as Christians have got to get it together for his glory, not ours. Say what you will about me, but I know I’m covered by the blood and pray everyone finds their way home. To be vengeful regardless of the circumstances is not christ like, so try acting accordingly. That may be a little direct, but it’s the truth, and I will stand firm on it. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌



History has always been something I enjoyed. The importance of it is highly underrated for this journey in life. Good history and bad history are the same as we take lessons from it all, depending on the perspective of a person. Oh, the dangers of a single perspective. Searching out through ancestry, I found that my family was all mixed up. My intentions on starting this were to learn about my Native American heritage that was told through stories in my family. I learned a lot and mostly learned just how many mixed up heritages I have. The native heritage that I have is very little, but obvious through my personality because of the passions that I have. You will find out a lot about yourself through analysis of your passions. Money is not one of those and I am more of the helper type. The wanting to make differences for the good regardless of what this world says. My heart is there because God says that is where it should be, with him the God of Love. The best love story that was ever written was the one that he sent his Son to die for us to give us that chance. I have a firm belief in his love for us all, but the choice is ours to make, free will. I pray we all make that decision to move forward in our lives because he is the only way to true peace and true happiness. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

Trial and Error

That seems to have been a cycle that I refuse to keep going round and round in, trial and error. Intentions are everything behind actions, whether those are understood or not. When you develop a relationship with God, your eyes will open in a way that they were not before. He really has a funny way of showing a person, too, but I am thankful for it all. My life has been based on lessons the average person doesn’t experience, and I am finally okay with that. The last few years for me have been a struggle because, well, I really have had to lean on the Lord more than ever. Due to many different areas in my life. We all have the ability to establish this relationship with him, but as individuals, it is ultimately our choice. There comes a time when the fighter deserves to be fought for. Some things are out of our hands, and with his help, he will help a person discern what they are. That’s why I am at peace in an unusual way that most can’t understand. The things that I have learned through life have been due to trial and error, not something that is learned in school. My experiences make me a special kind of daughter in his eyes, and that is all that matters. My confidence in the Lords ability to bring what is needed toward me has been based on my experiences, and that can’t be taken away from me. My goodness is known from my heart, and my intentions have and will always be good, precisely why I will always be taken care of by him. Some may say free spirit, but I say purpose. Purpose for the greater good, not selfish reasons. I will no longer be manipulated into playing the game of thinking otherwise. It’s hard to understand when you aren’t in the same book. So, to those who may feel discouraged in any area, just think trial and error. It’s not over until he says so, and that is the almighty word. Be encouraged that through him, trials and errors only make us stronger. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


God is strength, and without him, we are nothing. The Creator our God, of all things, thought enough of each and every one of us to create us for a purpose. A relationship with him is what will give us strength to carry on through past transgressions or life in general. For example, I am a creative person in many areas so therefore I can reach the unreachable that others can not. We as society have been molded to fit a grand narrative not placed on us by God. Built on hate, greed, jealousy, envy, and pride. Of which all of these because of the negativity ultimately leads to destruction. Why follow suit to this when the alternative is so much better and more peaceful. We look to things for strength in so many areas that will ultimately lead to destruction if they are on the negative side of the spectrum. A change of perspective and a change of actions is needed for us as a human race to continue surviving. Surviving at its finest is found with God as a relationship with him is needed to continue forward in this cruel world. My prayers go out to every single living being on this entire planet that we wake up and realize the peace we all seek is found with God through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Recognize he was the sacrifice that he sent on this earth to be a living model to do good and be good and to be fishermen for our father. Fishermen, for the glorious kingdom, he promised us all ultimately. All is borrowed here as none will take anything with you, but what is carried in your soul. The good we send and put back. All of his creations should be protected and given respect. As one is no better than the other. So if strength is what you may be looking for today, my prayer is that you seek God for that strength. Easy it is not because tests will surely come after that. The rewards are worth so much more, though. The peace and love that is received can only come from our Father, which art in heaven. May his arms wrap around you. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


Heartbreak, whatever the case may be, is hard to deal with on your own. God makes everything possible to deal with, no matter the circumstances we may face. Grief is one of the hardest battles to fight when you haven’t been raised to lean on our Father for support. Many lose battles due to grief because they will try to replace the void with things of this world. That was what I did when I lost my daddy. I didn’t know how to deal with things, and I took the most convenient route at the time. Nobody tried to understand or seemed to care enough to. And that is a low place to be when the only support system you felt like you had was gone. I wasn’t taught by my parents to lean toward God, but I also realized that they were not taught that ither. Everyone who is still alive today is in their learning journey. Don’t hold on to anger or hostility toward each other, especially families, because we are all still in school per say. We just honestly never know what tomorrow holds. This is the place where we learn better and be better, and there is no in between. The in between is doubt and fear and is something we should not even entertain, and if we do and are still here, you should be damn proud of still having breathe in your lungs. I know I am proud of what I have overcome, but I only did it due to God’s Grace and Mercy. Nothing I ever did was alone because he has always been there with me whether I realized it or not. God is the only reason I am still here today. For a purpose, and that is my mission. To fish for men for his kingdom by planting seeds near and far. Before, I never knew, but the establishment of my relationship with him brought me to this truth. I pray everyone is able to find their way back home to our Father. Peace and Love ❤️ no more war. I hope the realization of just how blessed you truly are dawns on each and everyone of us in the biggest way possible. 🙏 Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

Treading Backwards

Healing requires treading backward internally. If life hasn’t given a person the best circumstances, those circumstances must be healed. A person has to forgive whatever it is, making them look back or trigger them. In the past year, I personally had to stop and analyze my life. The mistakes that I have made both due to my actions and others. Forgiveness is what has to be done in order to move forward rightfully. Treading backward in your mind is not easy because confrontation of hurt is not easy, but it is worth it. It’s worth every stab in the back you may have received or whatever the case may be. As far as relationships go, I have had my fair share of those, but rest assured when I say that I don’t tread backward into those again, I don’t I never have. Past is past, and all have been both blessings and lessons for me. When I go forward, that is exactly what I will do, forward movement. Not that I don’t care, but I know my worth, in God’s eyes. Before, I was unknowingly aware of this, but now I am fully aware. All my life, the trials that I have faced have shaped me into exactly who he wanted me to be for his purpose. So, I am thankful for them all. I hold no resentment toward anyone. That is why I am at peace now. Peace with it all regardless of what it was. When we figure out it’s not about us at all but for him and his purpose, ultimately, you will succeed in life. God has always made a way for me and always will. Stuff can be replaced, and it doesn’t mean nothing in the end. Through Jesus Christ, we can find the purpose of our being. Only through him will it be done successfully 👌 💯 So if you haven’t found a relationship with God, I pray that you do and you water it the way you should. His love never will leave or forsake you, nor will it die. Seek, and you shall find. Behold, he stands at the door and knocks. Stay blessed, y’all 🙌


Appreciation and being grateful goes hand in hand. Slow down and take a look around and gives thanks for what is present in your life. The people, the places, and the things. The smaller things that we take for granted in life, mean the most in the end. What we were able to do or to give to others. It’s not what we buy because ultimately that will rot away. Above all these things the most important is Love. Love for all and for everything that God has given us from the beginning of time. You can’t mistreat people and expect them to keep giving a part of themselves that they will never get back. You can keep mistreating our natural habitat and except her to keep giving back. The things that will have by the grace of God can’t be mistreated because they too will soon have an end. We have to give in order to receive. We can’t keep taking from our environment because of greed and personal gain. We need to stop and start giving back. Put nature back, giving more than we take. Give back to people even if they can’t give back to you, a difference and an example is set through kindness. We have to do the work because the grace of God is what enables us to be able to still be here to do the work. For him, his glory, his purpose. My perspective on life is different than most and I am finally okay with that. I have carried shame for a big part of my life due to my actions and decisions that I have made through my journey but no more. I am who I am and that is who he made me to be and silent is not included in that. My fears crippled me many times in the past but no more. For my God has overcame it all and what pain he endured for all of us. Give back unselfishly and see what transpires. We all have the choice ultimately to do what’s right so choose wisely and reap the benefits of God Almighty. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

God’s Grace

God’s grace for us as human beings is unmatched. He sent his one and only Son to model a life in which he expects us to follow. Showing grace for us in such a way enables us to be born again. This can be a painful process and only with him can it be done. Depending on the situation or the trama that a person has carried with them. We have all done things that is called sin but it’s not too late. When you acknowledge that the battle is on a spiritual level, the easier it will be. God is the living spirit in all things he has created. Therefore the good outweighs the bad because he won that battle and gave us choice. A choice, to make a change for the better. I pray everyone makes that change for the good, it’s never too late and your burdens are not so heavy that he hasn’t already carried them for you by giving his life. Jesus Christ came as our savior, rose as our redeemer, and will be back to reign as the King he has always been. I don’t know about you but I chose a long time ago the higher road before I even realized it. Took a lot of side roads all the while learning many valuable lessons. The fact of the matter is its not always easy but the effort is far more valuable than anything this world has to offer. Life is not something to be toyed with but something to use to make a good difference. One to benefit our human race for his glory. Miracle work does exist but only through our lord and savior Jesus Christ. He will show you the way, his way if you let him. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


Being corrected is not something to be taken lightly, especially coming from our Father. So many times the ignorance of not knowing that’s what is going will lead to destruction of oneself. A spiritual battle going on internally, if a conscience is present. To give an example, my husband sought attention outside our marriage with an ex of his. All the while pushing me away by other actions or no actions. Heartbreak set in and the need to find a listening ear was heavy because that is exactly what my thoughts were leading me to believe that I needed. Venting, ranting, maybe advice. Learning the hard way, everyone does not have your best interest at heart, which broke me heart even more. God set me down and has showed me many things in this journey of mine to him. And the biggest one was realizing he was all that was needed in my life because he truly has never left me. He corrected me and quite honestly the old me is super proud. A conscience can be a heavy thing but with God’s help the journey is so much easier if the person is willing to listen and do the right thing. Collateral damage is caused too often by not listening to God because other people get hurt in the process. Not thinking before acting what harm that will cause to the people that love us. Spiritual warfare is a very real thing with everyone. The battle is daily but with God where he should be in your life it is so much easier that the alternate route. God, being our father, will correct his children as he sees fit but it’s up to the person what advice he chooses to take. Whether it’s liked or not, his laws should be obeyed first and foremost and until we as humans realizes thats why we are at war internally, we will stay in this worlds ways. I pray everyone seeks the relationship that Is needed for the soul, with our Heavenly Father God whom created us all.

Heal the Root

Healing requires a lot of accountability and forgiveness. When a person let’s go of their ego and pride, it makes this process easier. Humbling oneself in God’s presence and realizing your journey will be easier to let go and let God and realize he is the main root. He created our entire existence and everything to sustain us. The heavens, the moon, the stars, the planets, through space and time. He is one mighty God if my opinion is put out there. The water, the air we breathe,the earth, and everyone and everything that resides amoung us. It’s all his mighty hand work. The root to all that is good is God. Anything put here that isn’t good isn’t of him. Everything and everyone has a purpose in this life and it’s our responsibility to develop a relationship with God to move in his purpose, not ours, not what we may want for our glory. For what, what are you accomplishing outside of God’s will, probably not a complete life. Without him in my life something was always missing and i searched many times down the wrong avenues and ended up in heart break. Not saying you won’t have trials or heartbreak but with him a understanding comes. Nothing ever made sense without him but now what a vision that comes with him. The Root of this world needs healing and God needs to be front and center. Is it really that hard to follow his values and be a good person. Regardless not one person is better than the next because we all have fell short and sinned. Judgement Day is coming to everyone and I personal Fear only his Wrath, therefore I will continue to do as he instructed me to do and it’s in me to do it. I am not ashamed and the rest of my days will be used to serve his purpose through my purpose, all for his glory. Healing your Roots leads to the main Root and that is our Heavenly Father. Developing a relationship with him has been the best decision that I have made in my life and I wish the same for the rest of the human race. ❤️. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌