Jesus is the Reason

Let’s not forget the reason for the seasons. This season The Reason is about Jesus. His birth is what we are celebrating. Not the presents, the hustle and bustle part. May I encourage you if you are overwhelmed to stop and take inventory in that area. Celebrate the real reason for this season. Traditional speaking things can be done in a beautiful stress free manner. Enjoy spending time with your family, the moments, the little things because everything in life has a course. Work on building a strong foundation based on truth. The truth that surrounds the seasons. The birth of our savior. Through him we can have it all for eternity because he willing gave his only son for us. He died for us so that we can have that chance. A chance at redemption. It is possible regardless of your past transgressions. But you gotta change your ways and leave that stuff at the cross. Make that choice, to live that change, and live in Everlasting love. We are called to love and we should love. That is exactly what he called us to do. I love everyone so much I hope I see you all again and if my writing the truth is what it is then so be it. Its all for his glory anyway. During this holiday let’s remember what it is really about. Celebrate the birth of our savior and give him all the glory for it all. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


The last several years has been hard for me. My faith has been tested around every corner it seems. My third marriage started in 2019 and has been tested ever since. Problems started when I was always trying to better myself it seemed. He started to change, drinking more and turning into a person that I didn’t recognize. So in December of last year it got real heavy and he was video chatting with exs before me for hours while I was at work. Then he decides to quit work for about a month and a half in which my cameras magically didn’t work during that period but none the less I found text messages from certain people about coming over to My Home but he hasn’t done anything to hear it be said. All this time I prayed hard, harder than I think I ever have before. I asked God to use me for his purpose because my way has not worked. To remove people from my life that meant ill will for me and so forth. To guide me into What he wanted me to do for his purpose. So here I am, I continue to write, spread the gospel and what a kick back I get from certain people. My marriage was suppose to be a covenant with not only him but God front and center. Nobody else and he broke that in my eyes and in return broke my trust. Putting friends before me and everyone else and everything. Throwing my past up in my face as if he was there during not knowing nothing about it, forgetting he has one also. It’s funny actually but all in all I forgave him but still battle because my faith in God is so strong. He doesn’t want what I want and I’m okay with that. If I can’t be treated as I should I don’t need it. God is real and he tells me he isn’t and tests me everyday about it almost but God will stay number one in my life and I will move as he says. I have had people in my past do me the same way and I know it works. I will never submit to anyone who doesn’t know how to lead christ like. Regardless of my past I know who I am and God will always take care of me, just like he always has. I will continue to spread the gospel and be guided in the way my Father says that I should go. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

Hope, Faith, and Love

The three essential traits one must always keep instilled in their lives. Regardless of my current and past situations, I have always been steadfast with all three. I have gotten frustrated many times but I have always held onto Hope, Faith, and Love regardless. Hope in God, Faith in what he will do in my life, and enough Love to do as he would do. I can be brutally honest at times but I don’t lie and if I have rest assured he has forgiven me for my transgressions. My relationship with my Heavenly Father is a daily work in which I have committed myself to and will continue forward with until he calls me home. My boundaries with that will be respected from anyone that chooses to be apart of my life, because he is my number one. I am different and I love every moment of it, it’s like the saying the cloth I am cut with isn’t made anymore and I know that. I believe things happen for reasons and for a greater purpose and I also believe when you believe with all your heart and soul, do the inner work and let go and let God amazing things happen. He is the only chain breaker and miracle worker and his way is the only way. Trials can and will make you question things but don’t you ever give up. Keep the Faith, never lose Hope, and move with nothing but love because he is love and love conquers all. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

The Holy Spirit

I believe with all my heart in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will come over you when you truly accept God and welcome him front and center in your heart, life, mind and soul. And trust me when I say you will be very aware when it happens. Discernment is very important walking through life and the fact of the matter is I was always weak in that area. I personally have worked through my trama through life with God’s help. He gets all the glory for my life because he has carried me through some horrible times. He has been the only one to never leave me crushed and crying. He has picked me up each time, dusted me off, and said continue but this time was different. The moment I surrendered to his will being done, what a ride it has been. It has been the hardest battle ever because I know who I am now in Christ and what my purpose is. I have felt as if I was under attack ever since that day. My eyes started seeing things differently and quickly. The ugliness of this world at one point was almost too much for me to bare, so I retreated with God in my secret place. He shows me the light, in the darkness. Oh the peace of his presence is all I will ever need from now through eternity. That kind of love will and does shock you. Then it will dawn on you what you were missing. The Holy Spirit plays a crucial role guiding us into our purpose and leading us down the right path. The Bible is our guide so study and read for yourselves. Eternal life with my father is what I longed for and by the examination of oneself you may find that answer to be true for you too. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


You have two choices when it comes down to life. Regardless of where you may be at in your life, good or bad. The power of the Holy Spirit is real and the wrath of God should make you afraid. Look in the mirror and all around you at all the beautiful things and people he has and will continue to make. To be made in the image of this loving father is a mighty thing. What you let define you is the choice one makes with their own free will. What will it be evil ties or butterflies 🦋 Your purpose is here and now and everyone has that instilled deep within the barriers of what you may feel that is impossible. With God nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is impossible Regardless of your past transgressions. We live and learn but the choice to love and do better is yours. Unlearn what you have been molded to think and be willing with an open mind to receive. God knows you better than anyone including yourself whether you like it or not, he made you. He knows where your heart and intentions are better than you so if you feel as if you are at war ask yourself about your intentions are they good or bad? If the things are not done out of love and purpose for him I would suggest you evaluate yourself. The past does not define you it’s the here and now how you choose to move forward. Move forward with love and let him lead your way. We can’t understand everything that happens but hope must never be lost. I have always had faith, hope, and love ❤️ because of what he has carried me through and so should you. Don’t look back and move forward with God at front and center of your life. Help the one who gave it all just as we are all sent here to do. Build up in your crucial role that he has for you in his army. Define yourselves with God.


Life is hard not for just one person but for everyone. Everyone fights battles everyday known or not, it’s life. This life was not made to be perfect, it was made for us to deal with our imperfections and learn better. To learn to be a better person so we can make it to perfection. Perfection only exists in heaven and only our heavenly father carries those attributes. We are perfectly imperfect human beings that are on the journey together. If someone is falling behind, we should help them because that is exactly what Jesus would do. I personally find my strength in the Lord and I can honestly say if it wasn’t for him I would not be alive today. He has carried me so many times that I have lost count, picked me back up and most importantly loves me for everything I am and am not. Just the same with everyone on this planet. True strength is found only with him. When he says put on your full armor of God, do it. Spiritual warfare is real and has been a repeated cycle for me for years but it finally stopped. The moment I realized my strength was found only with God and he is my only real need, the game changed. True colors started shining through and through. He will forever be number one in my life from now on and I don’t care who likes it or doesn’t like it. I will stand in glory one day before my father and he will say come daughter, this one I know well. My table is prepared, is yours? My strength to overcome things that were meant to destroy me comes from within, from my heavenly father. He is for me and I don’t care who may be against me, it doesn’t matter. Nobody can win a battle already won by him. If you are looking for strength, it is found with him. Lay whatever it may be down, at the foot of his cross, pick up your cross and proceed. It’s not easy, it gets heavy, but the reward is so much better than this world has to offer. An everlasting life of peace, happiness and love ❤️ I will take that. Open that door he will continue to knock until you do, the door to light and love. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


Fear is something that will control a person if they let it. Ever since I was born again I have struggled to get the words out of my mouth. Fear of what others would think of me or how they would perceive me based on my decisions that I have made in my past. The weight got too heavy and the moment I asked God to take all these negative feelings from me, the words unspoken started flowing. Flowing in the hopes that what the other person on the other side of the screen or page was reading would benefit them in their journey to the cross. Let’s face it life is just that the journey to the cross and as we find our way we are to be examples of the fact that it is possible and can be done. You are never too far gone for God to pick you up and wash you clean. Acceptance is key and the life he promises is so much better than the alternative. An everlasting paradise is so much better than what this world has to offer. I was pressed for along time until my ability to let the words flow was so much easier than the oppression of them. It was a trait that was instilled in me that wasn’t correct because of the fear. Fear is not of God and his ways or plans. When a person let’s go and let’s God do what he is best at that is when life begins to make sense and an overwhelming sense of peace sets in. My only fear now is the Lord and his wrath, this world means nothing to me except making the difference that could lead one person back home. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌 Let Go and Let God!

My Sacrifice

That’s my life, the old me my old ways. Not listening to God and doing what I wanted, not God. Laying it all down at the foot of his cross, his sacrifice for out grace and mercy. It is a daily battle, it is not easy to carry what you have been conformed to be by the society in which we all live. Rhetorical things surround us to a point in which we conform. I will not conform to anyone other than my heavenly father and do that in which I believe he wants me to do. The choice is the person’s choice and that is where the free will comes into play. My free will wants what he wants for my life and nothing else. The door is wide open for everyone and the choice is yours alone because he doesn’t interfere with your free will. I will continue my life doing exactly what I know he wants for me and if you want to be a part of that that’s great if not choose the door because I fear only him. Nobody in this world can tell me I am not qualified to spread and fish for men the information that I feel that that he says that I should. Do I know every word and verse in the Bible, no I do not. Am I perfect, no I am not. Do I fall short, yes I do. Does he forgive me, yes he does on a daily basis. Is it my responsibility to seek the relationship with him, yes it is. Do I do things from my heart yes I do and he knows every last one of them and the only one that really knows anything about me. To pick up and carry your cross is a daily battle not a once or twice a week place you go or a pay check you may get. Your actions should be Things that are good and something that he would have done, meaning Jesus, it is what he wants for us and our lives not what our flesh wants or desires. Precisely why it’s called sacrifice. The sacrifice is ourselves to this world that we have let shape us. If it’s not Holy it’s not from God, if it goes against his word, it’s not from God period point blank. Sacrifice is hard but if it’s what I got to do to be at peace and feel his love, I will. And no demon in hell can stop what he intends for his glory and purpose. Try me now on the high road I choose to travel…….. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌 Thank you Lord for blessing me with so much more than I can see, thank you Lord for your continued Grace, oh thats Amazing Grace..

Reasons for Seasons

It is my belief that everything happens for a reason. The good, the bad, the ugly all of it happens for reasons that most cannot comprehend. God’s plan is perfect and his plan is for the greater good of his purpose. Out of everything that has happened to me in my 42 years, I have took good from it all in some way. I think it’s a blessing or a lesson to cross paths with people although we may not see it during that time frame. I have endured many obstacles in my life, some just completely ruthless, none the less I survived because I am a survivor of many things. People and events have helped shaped me into the person I am today and I am not ashamed of any of it. It’s part of the person that I am today, not who I was. Thus the reasons for the seasons. To Bloom, to flourish, to grow, to fall away, to die to things that are not meant to be a part of our purpose. People change just like the seasons and depending on where you are in the journey is how well you can accept this. Change regardless is inevitable, my whole life has been a series of changes, good and bad. I don’t like change, I struggle with it because it’s hard but God has always been there with me guiding me the safest route possible. If you use to know me I guarantee that person doesn’t exist no more. I will always be me and refuse to be in a place that can’t accept that or my love and I will not fight for that because I know I am more than worth it. God has had my heart for years now and for eternity it will stay with him. I’m not perfect and I have messed up plenty of times but when I love it is with everything in me. And my love for people and helping others is at the top of my list simply because it’s part of who I am, my purpose. I know this is not my permanent home as I am passing through to help as many as I can. Embrace your seasons, learn from them as they will be part of the mold that is ultimately you now. The Character of a person speaks volumes and is undeniable especially in God’s eyes. He knows and he sees all inside and out. Nothing can be secretly hidden from him, he knows all. And that is where I found my peace because he knows my heart and its intentions. Whatever you want returned back to you put it out there, my suggestion is that it is good because you will reap what you sow. And that is a lesson also found out the hard way. Just life tips picked up along the way. There is reasons for all the seasons we endure in life, good and bad. The reason is part of the molding process we all go through in this walk of life. There is purpose for it all. Seasons Change, People Change, and Change is inevitable and uncomfortable, but it’s worth it for Gods Purpose that is all good. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

My Prayer for you

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for blessing us lord, for your Grace and mercy to be able to say we are here today. I pray that each person worldwide rejoices and gives thanks to you, not just today but everyday. I pray everyone finds you and accepts you into their heart and I pray you fill their heart with such a peace that they can’t deny you any longer. I pray everyone is full of gratitude for what you have done and what you will continue to do in and with their lives. Thank you for all the things good and bad as each event that has and will take place has been either a blessing or lesson that we can all grow from. Thank you for each person we have crossed paths with, I believe there is a reason for each and every person, place, or thing. I pray this world will accept you and let you be the conductor in their lives as you have purpose to be fulfilled for the greater good. Blessings, good, bad, big, small, may the realization of having your breathe to be able to experience any at all bring you all the thanks you need to start each and everyday. Bless us all Lord with your presence Lord each and everyday as we go forth into your purpose for our lives for your greater good. May everyone find, keep you, and never forsake you for the rest of their days. Thankfully yours forever Lord, Grateful for it All, and so very Blessed with so much more than we deserve. I pray you fill this world with a peace that nobody can deny. Thankfully Forever Yours Lord, all these things I ask in your precious and Holy name. Amen 🙏 I Hope Everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day and if you haven’t found the Lord I pray that you are able to open your heart and accept him in this very moment. And realize there is a purpose for every living being especially you. God’s Plan is much bigger than we can comprehend. Stepping out in Faith and believing was the greatest decision that I have ever made in My life and I pray each and everyone of you finds it too, if you haven’t. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌