Fear is something that will control a person if they let it. Ever since I was born again I have struggled to get the words out of my mouth. Fear of what others would think of me or how they would perceive menaced on my decisions that I have made in my past. The weight got too heavy and the moment I asked got to take all these negative feelings from me, the words unspoken started flowing. Flowing in the hopes that what the other person on the other side of the screen or page was reading would benefit them in their journey to the cross. Let’s face it life is just that the journey to the cross and as we find our way we are to be examples of the fact that it is possible and can be done. You are never too far hone for God to pick you up and wash you clean. Acceptance is key and the life he promises is so much better than the alternative. An everlasting paradise is so much better than what this world has to offer. I was pressed for along time until my ability to let the words flow was so much easier than the oppression of them. It was a trait that was instilled in me that wasn’t correct because of the fear. Fear is not of God and his ways or plans. When a person let’s go and let’s God do what he is best at that is when life begins to make sense and an overwhelming sense of peace sets in. My only fear now is the Lord and his wrath this world means nothing to me except making the difference that could lead one person back home. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌 Let Go and Let God!

My Sacrifice

That’s my life, the old me my old ways. Not listening to God and doing what I wanted, not God. Laying it all down at the foot of his cross, his sacrifice for out grace and mercy. It is a daily battle, it is not easy to carry what you have been conformed to be by the society in which we all live. Rhetorical things surround us to a point in which we conform. I will not conform to anyone other than my heavenly father and do that in which I believe he wants me to do. The choice is the person’s choice and that is where the free will comes into play. My free will wants what he wants for my life and nothing else. The door is wide open for everyone and the choice is yours alone because he doesn’t interfere with your free will. I will continue my life doing exactly what I know he wants for me and if you want to be a part of that that’s great if not choose the door because I fear only him. Nobody in this world can tell me I am not qualified to spread and fish for men the information that I feel that that he says that I should. Do I know every word and verse in the Bible, no I do not. Am I perfect, no I am not. Do I fall short, yes I do. Does he forgive me, yes he does on a daily basis. Is it my responsibility to seek the relationship with him, yes it is. Do I do things from my heart yes I do and he knows every last one of them and the only one that really knows anything about me. To pick up and carry your cross is a daily battle not a once or twice a week place you go or a pay check you may get. Your actions should be Things that are good and something that he would have done, meaning Jesus, it is what he wants for us and our lives not what our flesh wants or desires. Precisely why it’s called sacrifice. The sacrifice is ourselves to this world that we have let shape us. If it’s not Holy it’s not from God, if it goes against his word, it’s not from God period point blank. Sacrifice is hard but if it’s what I got to do to be at peace and feel his love, I will. And no demon in hell can stop what he intends for his glory and purpose. Try me now on the high road I choose to travel…….. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌 Thank you Lord for blessing me with so much more than I can see, thank you Lord for your continued Grace, oh thats Amazing Grace..

Reasons for Seasons

It is my belief that everything happens for a reason. The good, the bad, the ugly all of it happens for reasons that most cannot comprehend. God’s plan is perfect and his plan is for the greater good of his purpose. Out of everything that has happened to me in my 42 years, I have took good from it all in some way. I think it’s a blessing or a lesson to cross paths with people although we may not see it during that time frame. I have endured many obstacles in my life, some just completely ruthless, none the less I survived because I am a survivor of many things. People and events have helped shaped me into the person I am today and I am not ashamed of any of it. It’s part of the person that I am today, not who I was. Thus the reasons for the seasons. To Bloom, to flourish, to grow, to fall away, to die to things that are not meant to be a part of our purpose. People change just like the seasons and depending on where you are in the journey is how well you can accept this. Change regardless is inevitable, my whole life has been a series of changes, good and bad. I don’t like change, I struggle with it because it’s hard but God has always been there with me guiding me the safest route possible. If you use to know me I guarantee that person doesn’t exist no more. I will always be me and refuse to be in a place that can’t accept that or my love and I will not fight for that because I know I am more than worth it. God has had my heart for years now and for eternity it will stay with him. I’m not perfect and I have messed up plenty of times but when I love it is with everything in me. And my love for people and helping others is at the top of my list simply because it’s part of who I am, my purpose. I know this is not my permanent home as I am passing through to help as many as I can. Embrace your seasons, learn from them as they will be part of the mold that is ultimately you now. The Character of a person speaks volumes and is undeniable especially in God’s eyes. He knows and he sees all inside and out. Nothing can be secretly hidden from him, he knows all. And that is where I found my peace because he knows my heart and its intentions. Whatever you want returned back to you put it out there, my suggestion is that it is good because you will reap what you sow. And that is a lesson also found out the hard way. Just life tips picked up along the way. There is reasons for all the seasons we endure in life, good and bad. The reason is part of the molding process we all go through in this walk of life. There is purpose for it all. Seasons Change, People Change, and Change is inevitable and uncomfortable, but it’s worth it for Gods Purpose that is all good. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

My Prayer for you

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for blessing us lord, for your Grace and mercy to be able to say we are here today. I pray that each person worldwide rejoices and gives thanks to you, not just today but everyday. I pray everyone finds you and accepts you into their heart and I pray you fill their heart with such a peace that they can’t deny you any longer. I pray everyone is full of gratitude for what you have done and what you will continue to do in and with their lives. Thank you for all the things good and bad as each event that has and will take place has been either a blessing or lesson that we can all grow from. Thank you for each person we have crossed paths with, I believe there is a reason for each and every person, place, or thing. I pray this world will accept you and let you be the conductor in their lives as you have purpose to be fulfilled for the greater good. Blessings, good, bad, big, small, may the realization of having your breathe to be able to experience any at all bring you all the thanks you need to start each and everyday. Bless us all Lord with your presence Lord each and everyday as we go forth into your purpose for our lives for your greater good. May everyone find, keep you, and never forsake you for the rest of their days. Thankfully yours forever Lord, Grateful for it All, and so very Blessed with so much more than we deserve. I pray you fill this world with a peace that nobody can deny. Thankfully Forever Yours Lord, all these things I ask in your precious and Holy name. Amen 🙏 I Hope Everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day and if you haven’t found the Lord I pray that you are able to open your heart and accept him in this very moment. And realize there is a purpose for every living being especially you. God’s Plan is much bigger than we can comprehend. Stepping out in Faith and believing was the greatest decision that I have ever made in My life and I pray each and everyone of you finds it too, if you haven’t. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

Thankful, Grateful, & Blessed

Tis the season to be grateful they say. Being grateful isn’t suppose to be limited to just Thanksgiving. The seasons shouldn’t dictate our gratitude, we should have gratitude toward God and his daily gifts to us everyday. I celebrate turkey day according to the records they teach you about, Columbus and so forth. Having a meal of Thanksgiving with the native people of what we call the U.S.A. Everyday I wake up I thank God, I show my gratitude to him everyday, all the while seeing more and more everyday just how very blessed I am. Not to sound like I am bragging at all but it’s true. God has brought me through some really difficult times in my life and it has not been easy either. My journey is not one for the weak but I know God designed me and built me for such times and for such as a time for this. Where I am at with my relationship with God has not been an easy place to get to because of all the trials I have experienced. It was through those trials that has made me into the person that I am today. The loving, caring, smiling, lighthearted woman that I am today. My heart regardless has always been big and I enjoy making people smile and helping most of all. In whatever way that I am able to, precisely why I went into healthcare, not for the money. Money was the least of my concern because I felt like God led me there. I had to make that change my soul was leading me. Let me say, I learned a lot of things. About people and the amount of suffering one had to endure dealing with what they call kidney disease. A lot of times that was enough to break your heart if you had one. I was always overly nice to my patients because I wanted their time there to be as easy and as painless as possible. Which I know was appreciated by them and being able to encourage someone to smile a little. When it became like an assembly line it started to bother me. Nevertheless that learned a new level of gratitude and a new desire to make a impact for God’s glory. Lots of praying a rearranging happened to the point I left my job with lots of knowledge, more than I wanted to know actually but I’m still thankful for it all. I wouldn’t take nothing back either. I got some valuable lessons. Through my struggles and through my pain of accepting change, I praised and thank God daily. Change is inevitable and letting him have control of situations is hard but it’s worth it. Worth it all because he gave his only son for our chance at everlasting life. I am Thankful this holiday season for our ancestors as if they had not traveled here then I would not be who I am now. But our ancestors didn’t just start there, it goes way back back. Therefore I give God all the Glory I can this season also because his blood is why I am actually here today, through his creation in the beginning, his sacrifice. With that we all have the chance at peace with Everlasting love, that only he can give. Don’t forget to be thankful, Grateful, and have the knowing of your everyday blessings given to you through him and his creation. We make life more complicated than it has to be its much more simple than you may see. If you open your eyes and take a peak, his world is just a more beautiful place to be. Happy Thanksgiving y’all I hope everyone has thr best turkey day and don’t forget to praise God for being able to celebrate it. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


Things of certainty are few and far between. The only that I am certain of is I serve a mighty God capable of the impossible. He is the possibility of all things good according to his will and word. Jesus modeled for us through his short time on earth and I thank God it was recorded and passed down to us to learn from. If it isn’t God’s will I don’t want it and I will adjust accordingly but until then I will treat people the way I should and try my best to do things as I should. Never have I found certainty in anything of this world including people. Good people with good intentions are few in today’s society because most people are out for self. We are called to serve and serve for his glory not ours. If you carry misery in your heart you must know it is not of him. That just tells me you haven’t completely handed over your entire being to him and being accepting of his will for your life, his purpose. Your way may work awhile but it will cave in on you eventually without God front and center. I know it has happened many times to me. People left, betrayed me, I became strangers to many people that I love because of uncertainty. The only certain fact is that God has always been with me and picked me up when I fell. He has carried me when I didn’t even realize it. His certainty is the only reason I am here today, for his plan and purpose. Still I Rise as I will until I complete my purpose and the uncertain people won’t affect the certainty I have in my God. It is finished cried the lord and we were all saved by his blood he shed for each and everyone of us if we accept him and believe. With that your battle is won, leaving your burdens at the cross, changing your ways and living as he intends. Having been molded by this world I can say it’s not easy but for the peace and his promises it is more than worth it. That is the only certainty that I have ever found in my life and that is enough for me. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


Discernment is more important than one may think. Not following the correct way can lead you astray. I have always had a big heart and it has gotten me into some messy situations through out my life. The problem is God was not leading me and I know this now. Having ask him to forgive me on my knees screaming and crying, to just drive. Take my life over God and lead me your way, what you want for me and my life. I don’t wanna drive no more. I turned it all over to him and it has been a process to say the least. He showed me things I never asked to see and made me feel things that I never asked to feel. I had it twisted all along. My heart with people has always been in the right place, whether it’s known or not and God has always kept me whether I felt it or knew it or not. It honestly is an amazing peace that he floods you with, internally, soulfully. But you gotta go through it internally. I can honestly say I would not wish my walk in life on another’s shoulders nor anything bad to another, regardless of one’s actions toward me. I forgave it all because I want him to forgive me just as he has. Most importantly I forgave myself because let’s face it since each and everyone of us embody the Holy Spirit and our body is our temple. We have to be good to it as well and part of that is forgiving oneself. Every since I got clean in 2011, I have not been them same. I have came short since many times but I continue with my relationship with God and its stronger everyday. I have to ask for forgiveness everyday. It can be a battle but it’s easier everyday. It becomes like the air you breath you need it. Everyone has a gift, a natural gift and you may be pretty amazed at what it is. Through my life wanting to please others I have gotten far away from who I was. And to be honest that is exactly what he is looking for and oh how he will use it. Don’t let the ways of this world drive away who you are. Pray for the discernment of what’s right, not wrong. Its actually more simple than you may think, you have a rule book to go by, ten simple laws. Everything is about money in this world and it will all be left behind regardless in the end. To live in his will is as close as you will be here on this earth and if I can have some here I promise you that is what I am going for. God has the glory for my life and no devil in hell can take that away. Best believe I will do as he says. My discernment is on point 👉 👈 with him. My life was messy and off point without giving him my whole heart. Life is a journey and what we make of it determines our destiny. The free will to choose. Choose wisely on this journey for it is what determines your fate for eternity. Acts 1:8 is a good verse to read. Well the whole book is interesting to be honest. What journeys they all took. I’m gonna be one of those to the best of my ability because Jesus set me free. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


When I started in Healthcare in 2018, the field that I started in, kidney care hit close to home for me. I was really excited to enter this field and learn more about kidney disease, cause and effect. Back in 2004, my brother had a kidney transplant provided to him from my sister. His kidneys started to fail him after years of health issues and all kinds of medicine he had to take due to a condition he developed in high school. Well long story short, he ended up with cancer in 2020 and went through a powerful round of chemo and radiation treatment. Not to mention COVID everywhere and us basically living at work. It was hard to swallow this and I purposely didn’t go see him due to carrying something to him during all of this pandemic mess. They gave him a 30% chance to beat that rapid growing cancer and he let me know this afterward. He didn’t want to worry anyone but he rang his bell at the end. I never cried so much in all my life for the relief I felt when I found out. It was a long hard year and I also ended up having a surgery at the end of 2020. Sick working the whole time until I physically couldn’t do it anymore because of a constant pressure and dizziness I was experiencing. All in all God brought both us through that mess and his kidney works better now than it did before. His cancer disappeared, so don’t you tell me he can’t do something. See my heart was in a different place in that field that most don’t know anything about. I was there to learn and to be a helping hand for others and I accomplished that. Though my road led me out I am grateful for the experience and all the things I know now and with that I will take with me the ability to help in different ways. Because my God made me able and willing to do his work I will continue on where he leads. My heart is big and always has been and that makes me beautiful in ways that the ungodly will never understand. God can do miracles and does everyday especially for those that believe and trust fully in him. I don’t have to see to believe because he has showed me the entirety of my life through many things. Precisely why I write to help others and give hope where you may have lost it. God is a promise keeper, a chain breaker, a light in the darkness, he is everything that everyone needs all you have to do is just believe ✨️ 🙏 ❤️ 🙌 Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


I believe with all of my heart every trial every harahship that we may go through in life can be used for the greater good. I believe God uses broken people like myself to rescue other broken people that doesn’t see the light at the end of a tunnel. On some level I can relate to the majority of people through roads that I have traveled through my life. And I can honestly say that God hasn’t always been placed in my life where he should have been. Through a lot of hard learning I learned a lot of my mistakes happened because of God not being number one in my life. I was all about self a lot, self indulgence in things or people. God has picked me up more than once in my life and carried me when i didn’t even realize it. He is always with each and everyone of us regardless if you realize it. It really is like they say whatever voice you feed will grow in you. The good loving voice or the bad greedy voice, which do you feed more? God is all loving and means no harm to anyone because we all are his children. He will discipline you too when you do wrong or think wrong. It is a very narrow path that many don’t find because of being wrapped up in the ways of this world today. I hope and pray that everyone will seek and find and know he is waiting for his children to come home with him. It’s just being a good person honestly and following the laws of Moses. Jesus Christ was the law of Moses. He was the example and his sacrifice made it possible for everyone to gain entry to heaven. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


Love is gentle, love is kind. Love is many things but what love is not is many things also. Selfish, being greedy, lustful, vengeful are attributes of what love is not. What drives the emotion that you may be feeling? Having forgiveness toward a person or their actions without an apology is not easy but the need to do so is far underrated. It’s not for the person but for you. Thinking about oneself all the time is selfish especially when other people are involved. Being lustful can be many things from sex, to drugs and alcohol, money, material possessions etc. You can be lustful with many things and if those things are above your relationship with God, your family, it’s wrong. Being vengeful is wrong regardless of what someone may have done to you. Most likely it’s a misunderstanding anyway but that should only be in the hands of the lord. His job is to convict because regardless of what you say or do vengeance will always be his and in his way. Love is the model God sent to earth. His son came and modeled for us on how to be. He was ridiculed, hated, and beaten to death for us to have a chance at redemption to live in that place he went to prepare for us. All the things you may be facing today has no power through God. He defeated darkness the day he sacrificed his only son and I assure you nothing is too big for him to hold. As long as you leave those things at the foot of the cross and move forward as he would have you will enter a world that you never thought existed. Through him the search you are on will be over and that is the greatest form of love you will ever know. God is Love ❤️ and no evil will ever conquer him. Forgive yourself for not knowing because of the mold you grew into based on the society today or your upbringing. Be willing to learn and unlearn the things you were taught because the fact of the matter is this world has been ruled by the devil for far too long and it’s been normal. It’s time we rise and show the darkness exactly what love is and is not. Our God is so mighty, so powerful, and so awesome and my goal is for you to know that. Through my life, my testimony, if he can do it for me I know he can do it for you. Nothing or nobody in this world can give you a love like his. I pray everyone experiences that awesome love. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌