Purpose in Pain

Without God in my life, my opinion on this was different. Through him, peace is found in all areas of life. Whether it be grieving or whatever, he will give the peace that is desired in your heart. God is the only one who can fill those heart spaces. Taking a good look at my life, my references went back to where he intended things to be and how he intended things to be in the first place. So, I started adjusting accordingly, and I received resistance. That is the right direction 👏. Resistance because of my trying to line up with God. The wrong way is always easier because the wrong one has a foot hold into your life. The right way is harder when God hasn’t always been placed accordingly. Battles will come and go, but on a soul level, it will be well. Until I found him and his arms around me, I tried to feel voids of loss with things that I should not have, but now I understand. Understanding is way harder than judging a book by the cover. Skimming the surface of someone based on their past is irrelevant, especially when the picture that is trying to be painted doesn’t exist anymore. Anyone who doesn’t have the right relationship with God needs healing on some level. Whether it be like my case that I never had my Father in his proper place. Had I my life would be completely different up to this point. Thankful is an understatement of my feelings toward him for never leaving me regardless of where I may have been. So, my understanding of purpose in pain has drastically changed. Every pain and heartbreak that I have felt in this life is understood by not only my Father but myself as well. That understanding has not been easy as it has been shown through some hard-hitting truths that I did not see before. God has a funny way of showing up and showing out, though. There is purpose in all pain and if you may be struggling with finding the answers in some area of your life, God is the best counselor ever, and he will show you through lots of work and dedication. First is acceptance, repenting, and changing your life around to aline with his ways, not yours. Life is about God and his purpose, not our ways and our wants. Our ways and our wants are fleshly desires that should be denied. It’s not easy. I would be lying to say that it is but worth the peace that God will give a person deep on a soul level. Value your life with his standards and watch what happens. I guarantee he will show you the purpose in your pain. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


The thoughts of all of God’s creation simply amazes me, to say the least. The universe is full of things that he created. The planets, the stars in the sky, the sun that rises every day and falls by the rise of the moon. Our planet and every living person, animal, trees, plant, the sky, the ocean, it is just amazing. Recalling the story of the three wise men that followed the Star of Bethlehem to find the baby Jesus in the Manger. They were wise men indeed because guess who they found. To think about God’s intentions for the creation of certain things is amazing as it is real. The purpose of good is found in everything he created as he created all things for a purpose. Hopefully, when we realize this and start treating everything with love as he intended, we can change for the better as a race, the human race. When you see his creation for what it is, you will see through the eyes of love. We are all stars to him, so act with love in all things that you choose to do, not for selfish reasons. Treat others the way you want to be treated even though some won’t do it in return. Never stop being a good person regardless of what this world tries to say because, in the end, the only one that will matter is who will judge you, our Father, that art in heaven. Rest assured, he knows and sees all and knows the hearts of all and the reasons. Can’t run from him and can’t hide from him. You will be judged accordingly. My biggest fear is to hear depart from me. I never knew you. This place is the only hell I wish to reside in, and it’s bad. To think of something worse is beyond my comprehensiveness. I do not want to imagine that. Just the good is all I’m interested in, nothing less. Perspectives on things are important before you conclude or make your mind up about something or someone. We are all stars in God’s eyes, and he made everything and everyone with good intentions based on love. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


The most vital part of an established relationship with God is prayer. Prayers change things and make no mistake about God’s ultimate purpose will prevail. He had already won the battle on the cross when his Son Jesus died for our sins. I don’t care what may have transpired in your life. You can be made new again through him his acceptance and change for the good. Everyone has something to offer precisely why everyone is different. Your experience through mistakes is a guide back to people that you can reach down and help up. Spreading the good word of him and his promises, just being a good person in general. The Ten Commandments were put there for a reason. All humans have broken those in one way or another, but his sacrifice gives us the choice to do better and be better. We should take care of one another and his gifts to us as he intended. It is well within my soul what he promises for us all. Open your eyes and see just what you mean to him and what your neighbors mean to him also as he loves us all the same. Just be kind to one another and help others who have fallen. Everyone has a purpose that is much deeper than one can imagine. Prayer changes things always has and always will. My prayer is worldwide for everyone to feel the peace of God’s presence in everyone and everything he created, which is all good. A prayer for the hatred and blood shed to stop over things that don’t matter in the end. Peace, love, and forgiveness in the hearts of all. May everyone rest in his promises forever just as God intends. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

Something New

Life is hard, but it is impossible without God. We have to work and establish a relationship with our Father, and in today’s society, it makes it hard to do it sometimes. Especially if we don’t know about God. Not everyone has had the opportunity growing up to learn about our Creator, our Father, and his wants and desires for us as his children. And some have and have distorted views based on personal gains. His purpose is what it’s about not us or other people. Our father will correct us also. He will correct you until you see what it is that you need to learn and do. That can cause life to seem chaotic and like it is falling apart, but in all reality, it is falling into place. The place where he sees that it should be, not us. Yes, we have the free will to choose, but if it’s the wrong choice, consequences will follow suit. That’s why it’s important to develop a relationship with our Father and listen to his instructions. Through prayer, answers will be given. Love is the way through lots of work and forgiveness. Not a person in this world is better than the next as we all have fallen short. We all deserve the same chances, and through him, it can be found. Jesus died for this reason to give us that chance at everlasting life. Don’t pass it up as it will be more glorious than we can imagine. If you find yourself in the midst of chaos, just know through him something wonderfully new is about to be born. The shaping and molding is painful but worth it all in the end. He will ultimately show you he knows you better than anyone as he created us all for his purpose. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


This is a big one for me, although I never realized it before until my work on myself had God front and center. My life is the perfect example of mistakes being made, but God’s grace has picked me up each time. Values are important as he made those from the beginning when he created all. Looking back, my values were not rightfully placed. I didn’t value myself nor hold his values where they should have been. Like not waiting for marriage before I actually learned about a person. Looking back, I remember how dirty I felt when I lost my virginity, and I was mad and disgusted. So I went on not knowing my true value as far as relationships. God never intends us to be this way without values as he made a man for a woman. The difference is now that I know my value and people don’t like it. Well, it seems that way. God has sat me down the past year and really showed me my value through prayers and fasting. He has really reshaped me, and that is the way I will move forward for the rest of my days. God is a God of Love and Values, and if we don’t get those straight as a race, we are doomed. He is the way the truth and the life in which all long for, just seek and he will be found. God has all the glory for my life and where I am today. Praise his holy name. To the women that feel an emptiness inside, know the value that you hold. It’s not your past mistakes either. Your value is based on our Father’s values. Not this man, that man or the other. It’s shameful and a disgrace, and I have been there, but rest assured that it is not my position anymore as my father has shown me my value just as he will with any person. Seek him out he loves you more than any other human ever could, set your standards, and move forward. Take your rightful place in his kingdom. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


The beautiful thing about humans is that we are all different ❤️ Each person has been strategically made, and each has their own qualities. A difference in a person can mean everything when your lessons in life reach that one soul that needs it. And of course, in the best way possible. Reach down and help others with your experience, and don’t be ashamed. That testimony can save more lives than you may ever know. And to think that a pastor or a religious leader does not understand this is beyond my comprehensiveness. To lead Christ-like is not easy but for the pure of heart it is. Some reshaping in the qualities of the leaders needs to be done. I want to encourage every beautiful soul to shine regardless of your differences with others. What your path has been could be exactly what one person needs to hear in order to be saved. Know each and every person has value and don’t be afraid to let that shine among all. To fish is our job not to make one feel ashamed for their shortcomings and struggles and to follow a misconstructive view of life. What rock are you building on today? God is my rock, and my salvation and all I intend to sow is good. So be encouraged to shine just as you are reroute your life for the good of all. The possibility of everyone taking up and carry your cross is there for we all have the equal chance because of his sacrifice. That testimony that you hang on to is exactly what God wants to use for his kingdom, so don’t be ashamed, be different, and shine as you are intended to for the good.

The Great Divide

Centuries ago, this started when the world began. The great deceiver of all time came in the form of a snake. Through the years, it has only gotten worse as he has slithered his way into the hearts of many. Labels or classification of whatever is a joke. Let’s place labels on the people so that they think they are different, and that will cause pride to seep in. God doesn’t like pride, and those that carry it will be humbled. To be unashamed is one thing, but prideful is a characteristic. Without knowing someone, it is hard to tell the difference. Never judge a book by its cover because the contents are completely different than the cover. The great divide includes race classifications for one. Classifications of races, religions, color, upper, middle lower class. That list can be extended, but I hope my point can be made with what I included. Governments have been the sole source of these problems as they need this for what.? God created us all equal, and all these labels are used for is to divide us into categories. One thinking they are better than the other when, in all reality, our mission here remains the same. Our soul purpose that God created us all for. We are all unique in our capabilities, and we all have a purpose. Don’t let the great divide come in between what God has for you. Lose the hate because not one person is better than the next. There is ultimately a good mission and a bad one which I have through my life traveled enough down that bad one to know that is not where I want to go. To come together to fulfill his purpose is so much more important than anything, and it’s all good, so who doesn’t want that. I know I do. So rise up to the occasion and walk his way for it is good and not to be compared to anything this world has to offer. Don’t be fooled the enemy is closer than you think, and we as humans must Rise to the occasion of turning this world around toward the good by coming back together as we should be. The great divide has to stop. I know many for years have endured lots of hurt due to these things, but we can make it better by forgiveness. Don’t let their games overwhelm you as that is exactly what is wanted for control for their agendas. Still I Rise and I hope this is joined by many. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

Christ Like

The beautiful story of Jesus’s walk in this life was just one big love story. I have always loved a good love story. He came, he saw, and he conquered all of our sins simply because he loved us all. To think one person felt all the pain that we as individuals inflict on one another. My thoughts can’t wrap around that pain. They did horrible things to him, and he knew they were going to and chose us. The chance at redemption and Everlasting life that is minus all the bad this world has to offer. That was bought by his blood, not the shedding of others’ blood. The battle is and has already been won by him, but we as a society have been made to believe otherwise because of control of some form. And the root of all that evil is, in fact, money because it has been made a necessity for our lifestyles today. The truth of the matter is through experiences I have been with and without material things, and it’s is ultimately the small things that mean the most. We are more fortunate than what we realize. My gratitude starts with the small things. Like when I washed my clothes by hand almost 6 years and hung them out to dry. That wasn’t a thing I enjoyed, but it gave me time to think. Think about all the small stuff that we take for granted daily. Having running water anytime rather than it being delivered twice a week. Buying fresh meat on a daily basis walks to stores to get things needed, etc. Cooking three times a day because fast food doesn’t exist. The things we take for granted, like the simplicity of having electricity. Cooking on a fire is great, though. The flavor it gives food is unmatched. Foraging through the fields for greens and Calabasas. The lessons that I learned were valuable, and the time doing these things made me really reflect. God always made a way, though, regardless. That makes me extra thankful for what I do have now and what I was actually taking for granted. Some say rudely awakened I say lessons learned. So when I explain my feelings about things, know that they are from my heart as I do know what it is like on lots of things. God gave us so many things to enjoy and use, but instead, we take a lot for granted, always wanting more. You know what? I want more peace and love and for this world to heal. To forgive one another, to love, to take care of our planet, and what he gave us to utilize for our good. The birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees, and the open seas. All of this was our gift, and we should utilize it appropriately. Open your eyes and see just what he did do for you and me. Just believe. Over the years, I have slowly developed a relationship with God, but now it is full blown, and I intend to proceed forward just in that way. It has been tough, but it has been worth the fight. The ultimate love story that Christ gave us all is found in the pages of the Bible. His sacrifice is what made it possible because we all are born into sin. I pray the realization of the importance of a relationship with God is bestowed on the worldwide nation he created. He lives among us all because he created us all and for purpose. Purpose to fulfill his glorious kingdom that nobody can outshine. No more tears and no more sorrows. Sounds like that’s the place I want to be, and I want it for the whole world to see and just be. The greatest love story in the world made it possible. So, know if you are facing something today or feel as if you are searching for something, take it to the cross, and leave it there. There will be battles after that, but praying changes things. He can, and he will make things happen. Just believe, have faith, never lose, hope, and always above all love.

Church Leaders

I write on things that cross my mind because, frankly, lines of communication are closed due to personal reasons. Church leaders should lead by example, not manipulating people to believe a certain way. I will not shut up or be quite on spreading the gospel because I am a woman with a past not ideal. The only person I am here to please is God, and that’s it and spread the good seeds of hope. Better come out of those prideful ways because that is one thing God hates is pride. I am humble, and I have always been as I learned from the best of being the way. God has humbled me more than once in my life, but I will always continue forward with my head held high. As church leaders should lead by example and not in court rooms with unforgiveness in their hearts because of being vengeful. Deacons should be honorable men who lead their house as they should not because they are long-time family friends. Churches should be utilized from a heartfelt biblical standpoint. All of this is in the Bible. It can’t be made up, only translated wrong. Vengeance is not something a church leader should participate in and placing leaders in undeserving positions according to their friendship status. We as Christians have got to get it together for his glory, not ours. Say what you will about me, but I know I’m covered by the blood and pray everyone finds their way home. To be vengeful regardless of the circumstances is not christ like, so try acting accordingly. That may be a little direct, but it’s the truth, and I will stand firm on it. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌


History has always been something I enjoyed. The importance of it is highly underrated for this journey in life. Good history and bad history are the same as we take lessons from it all, depending on the perspective of a person. Oh, the dangers of a single perspective. Searching out through ancestry, I found that my family was all mixed up. My intentions on starting this were to learn about my Native American heritage that was told through stories in my family. I learned a lot and mostly learned just how many mixed up heritages I have. The native heritage that I have is very little, but obvious through my personality because of the passions that I have. You will find out a lot about yourself through analysis of your passions. Money is not one of those and I am more of the helper type. The wanting to make differences for the good regardless of what this world says. My heart is there because God says that is where it should be, with him the God of Love. The best love story that was ever written was the one that he sent his Son to die for us to give us that chance. I have a firm belief in his love for us all, but the choice is ours to make, free will. I pray we all make that decision to move forward in our lives because he is the only way to true peace and true happiness. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌