The Change

I like to think of myself as perfectly imperfect. I have personally felt like I was standing on cloud 9 and the best dancer in the fire in my personal hell. Due to the choices that I made in life, not being resistant in temptation. Temptations of the heart, mind, body, and soul. I am quite frankly the definition of perfectly imperfect. The smallest things you do or say can be the Temptations that lead us astray. Time and time again I have been around the kind of people that immediately took advantage of that part of me because I have always had a big heart. I am a highly empathic person and feel more than I should probably. My heart has always been wide open. Not for selfish reasons either. God knows the heart of a person regardless of what this world may think. He knows the number of times you were on your knees screaming n crying why me, again why not you. Be open to the different perspectives in life. We are all human ❤️ The world and its ways are not correct anywhere. God never intended for us to be the way we are today. To believe and to strive to walk in such a way as Jesus is a small price to pay for the peace in your mind, body, and soul. An unexplainable peace. Now, I am absolutely nothing like I use to be nor would I have sat still for as long as I have in my current circumstances. The moment that I asked God to drive in the big seat and started setting people accordingly was the moment I felt like it was battles after battles. Why is that, why you worried about little Ole me? I know why and have for awhile. Everything fits perfect like a puzzle throughout my entire life. Now I know and I have been moving accordingly. So take nothing personally that I do or say. God has told me to walk this way. Stay Blessed 🙌

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