Peace be with Him

The feeling of searching for something that you can’t comprehend is hard. My entire life has felt as if I was searching for something bigger than myself, this world. The world we live in today is a dark, nasty place. And that is because so many doesn’t know about God’s love. They wasn’t given the opportunity or it just wasn’t they were raised. I can honestly sat that all my searching led me to many people and places. I was uneducated in what truly matters. So digging my nose in the history of Jesus, God and all the many things that circle back to him. I found my answer. Fourth two years and I found my answer. The more that we conform to this man made world we live in today the more lost you will become. Today’s system wants you reliant on them. Pharmacy company’s, money, greed and selfishness has took over where God intended himself to be. He gave us everything to sustain us in this life yet we still rely on the very things meant to kill and destroy us as a human race. Uneducated in our options to be free and independent that keeps us save and secure health wise. When you close the book at the end of your life what’s is your goal to do his work? What is your purpose? Before I got to the place in my life today I had to really work on myself because I have actually been through more than I even speak about in words. God, is the only person that knows me on that level. And that is the way I intend to live. I’m not perfect by any means but I get up everyday and I do what I feel he would have me do. It’s a struggle some days and others are great,that’s life. He said it wouldn’t be easy, and it’s not. Is it worth the peace I have on a intimate level with him? Absolutely. My peace was found with him, God. I wouldn’t trade it for anything either. He will fulfill his promises to me because I am full of the faith, hope, and love that comes from no one other than him. Forgive those people that wronged you and he will forgive you. The good lord knows we all need that. Peace be with him and I pray that same peace is with you also. Stay Blessed y’all β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ήβ€

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