This is a big one for me, although I never realized it before until my work on myself had God front and center. My life is the perfect example of mistakes being made, but God’s grace has picked me up each time. Values are important as he made those from the beginning when he created all. Looking back, my values were not rightfully placed. I didn’t value myself nor hold his values where they should have been. Like not waiting for marriage before I actually learned about a person. Looking back, I remember how dirty I felt when I lost my virginity, and I was mad and disgusted. So I went on not knowing my true value as far as relationships. God never intends us to be this way without values as he made a man for a woman. The difference is now that I know my value and people don’t like it. Well, it seems that way. God has sat me down the past year and really showed me my value through prayers and fasting. He has really reshaped me, and that is the way I will move forward for the rest of my days. God is a God of Love and Values, and if we don’t get those straight as a race, we are doomed. He is the way the truth and the life in which all long for, just seek and he will be found. God has all the glory for my life and where I am today. Praise his holy name. To the women that feel an emptiness inside, know the value that you hold. It’s not your past mistakes either. Your value is based on our Father’s values. Not this man, that man or the other. It’s shameful and a disgrace, and I have been there, but rest assured that it is not my position anymore as my father has shown me my value just as he will with any person. Seek him out he loves you more than any other human ever could, set your standards, and move forward. Take your rightful place in his kingdom. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ


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