My Prayer

I write in hope of one thing and one thing only. To tell my story, my experiences with a hope so strong that just one person can find and experience God for themselves. No matter what you may have been through don’t ever lose hope because God is always standing beside you. When you can finally stop and take the time to listen and discern exactly what he seeks of you, the beauty will shine. The beauty of you, his creation that is surrounding each and everyone of us. His gifts to us were not to be trampled on but took care of. This is people, places and things. He gave us everything to sustain us in the beginning and it’s still here today, his promises. My life has not been easy, although I may carry myself as it has been. It’s only because God is my peace and owns my heart. My road has been difficult but I praise his holy name everyday. And I will continue to do so for eternity because I believe. I believe in his grace and mercy because I have experienced it more than once. More than once I have fallen and got back up because he picked me back up and carried me. It has not been easy but worth it. All my brokenness was put back together at his feet and I am hear to tell you he can do it for you too. No matter what it may be it is never too much for him. So I want to encourage you today if you haven’t seeked a relationship with God know that he is found through our model his son Jesus Christ, who gave his life for our inequities. To believe is to see and oh what a vision it will be. I pray through some piece of me that was once broken that you may be able to mend what is broken in you. I humble myself before him everyday to use me as he sees fit. This is my prayer for you and in all you do make it good. Nothing that this world has to offer is more valuable than his love ❤️ Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

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