History has always been something I enjoyed. The importance of it is highly underrated for this journey in life. Good history and bad history are the same as we take lessons from it all, depending on the perspective of a person. Oh, the dangers of a single perspective. Searching out through ancestry, I found that my family was all mixed up. My intentions on starting this were to learn about my Native American heritage that was told through stories in my family. I learned a lot and mostly learned just how many mixed up heritages I have. The native heritage that I have is very little, but obvious through my personality because of the passions that I have. You will find out a lot about yourself through analysis of your passions. Money is not one of those and I am more of the helper type. The wanting to make differences for the good regardless of what this world says. My heart is there because God says that is where it should be, with him the God of Love. The best love story that was ever written was the one that he sent his Son to die for us to give us that chance. I have a firm belief in his love for us all, but the choice is ours to make, free will. I pray we all make that decision to move forward in our lives because he is the only way to true peace and true happiness. Stay Blessed y’all 🙌

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