Discernment is more important than one may think. Not following the correct way can lead you astray. I have always had a big heart and it has gotten me into some messy situations through out my life. The problem is God was not leading me and I know this now. Having ask him to forgive me on my knees screaming and crying, to just drive. Take my life over God and lead me your way, what you want for me and my life. I don’t wanna drive no more. I turned it all over to him and it has been a process to say the least. He showed me things I never asked to see and made me feel things that I never asked to feel. I had it twisted all along. My heart with people has always been in the right place, whether it’s known or not and God has always kept me whether I felt it or knew it or not. It honestly is an amazing peace that he floods you with, internally, soulfully. But you gotta go through it internally. I can honestly say I would not wish my walk in life on another’s shoulders nor anything bad to another, regardless of one’s actions toward me. I forgave it all because I want him to forgive me just as he has. Most importantly I forgave myself because let’s face it since each and everyone of us embody the Holy Spirit and our body is our temple. We have to be good to it as well and part of that is forgiving oneself. Every since I got clean in 2011, I have not been them same. I have came short since many times but I continue with my relationship with God and its stronger everyday. I have to ask for forgiveness everyday. It can be a battle but it’s easier everyday. It becomes like the air you breath you need it. Everyone has a gift, a natural gift and you may be pretty amazed at what it is. Through my life wanting to please others I have gotten far away from who I was. And to be honest that is exactly what he is looking for and oh how he will use it. Don’t let the ways of this world drive away who you are. Pray for the discernment of what’s right, not wrong. Its actually more simple than you may think, you have a rule book to go by, ten simple laws. Everything is about money in this world and it will all be left behind regardless in the end. To live in his will is as close as you will be here on this earth and if I can have some here I promise you that is what I am going for. God has the glory for my life and no devil in hell can take that away. Best believe I will do as he says. My discernment is on point πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ with him. My life was messy and off point without giving him my whole heart. Life is a journey and what we make of it determines our destiny. The free will to choose. Choose wisely on this journey for it is what determines your fate for eternity. Acts 1:8 is a good verse to read. Well the whole book is interesting to be honest. What journeys they all took. I’m gonna be one of those to the best of my ability because Jesus set me free. Stay Blessed y’all πŸ™Œ

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