Being corrected is not something to be taken lightly, especially coming from our Father. So many times the ignorance of not knowing that’s what is going will lead to destruction of oneself. A spiritual battle going on internally, if a conscience is present. To give an example, my husband sought attention outside our marriage with an ex of his. All the while pushing me away by other actions or no actions. Heartbreak set in and the need to find a listening ear was heavy because that is exactly what my thoughts were leading me to believe that I needed. Venting, ranting, maybe advice. Learning the hard way, everyone does not have your best interest at heart, which broke me heart even more. God set me down and has showed me many things in this journey of mine to him. And the biggest one was realizing he was all that was needed in my life because he truly has never left me. He corrected me and quite honestly the old me is super proud. A conscience can be a heavy thing but with God’s help the journey is so much easier if the person is willing to listen and do the right thing. Collateral damage is caused too often by not listening to God because other people get hurt in the process. Not thinking before acting what harm that will cause to the people that love us. Spiritual warfare is a very real thing with everyone. The battle is daily but with God where he should be in your life it is so much easier that the alternate route. God, being our father, will correct his children as he sees fit but it’s up to the person what advice he chooses to take. Whether it’s liked or not, his laws should be obeyed first and foremost and until we as humans realizes thats why we are at war internally, we will stay in this worlds ways. I pray everyone seeks the relationship that Is needed for the soul, with our Heavenly Father God whom created us all.

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